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take me down to the Salt Lake City where there’s salt and lakes and the lakes are salty

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any sneakerheads willing to help me out? i’m dying for a pair of air jordan 4s in green glow. i’ve searched countless websites and i can only find hugeeee sizes. so if anyone can find me a website that sells legit stuff and has these sneakers in a size 7 (US Men’s) i will luv yew 5ever.



not an overreaction


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I can’t overstate how happy I am about ‘Time Bobby 3’  

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Wishing someone would make a supercut of “iiiiiiit’s beennnn” moments.

Ok so Anthony Jeselnik performed in NYC last night and obviously I was there! My friend and I were walking down the street a few hours before the show and fucking Anthony Jeselnik passed by me. The three of us briefly look at each other and keep walking… I didn’t do shit because I was flustered. I’ll go kill myself now. Ughh.


People who constantly tag their complaints about comedians/singers/actors… hi! I value your opinions but damn… You track particular things/people because you like them right? If you’re going to whine or bash someone, try not tagging it with their name. Wouldn’t it be annoying if I constantly tagged posts in which I bash people? Things you guys seem to really enjoy like… for example: Supernatural, Benedict Cumberbatch and The Avengers (notice I didn’t tag any of them in this post). Have a blessed evening.